Supply Chain Transformation

Providing executive advisory and consultancy support to businesses needing to transform their supply chains.

In most businesses and industries there is an urgent need for transformation :

Pandemic Impact

Major change and volatility in demand

Constraints on supply

Urgent need to reduce cost and/or inventories

Implementing new technologies

Replacing obsolete systems

Mergers and Aquisitions

Industry Consolidation 

With over 34 years FMCG industry experience, we can offer Executive Advisory and Consultancy support to businesses. With extensive senior international experience in large and complex businesses working in 6 countries across 3 continents, and a strong proven track record of transformations in every business and organisation I have worked. I have very strong expertise and experience both as an architect to design future solutions as well as supporting and overseeing successful implementation.

With a unique combination of both senior leadership (global, regional, and local) together with very strong process expertise and also a strong technical understanding and hands-on experience. With a background in Operational Research, mathematical modelling and very strong systems/IT knowledge and skills I am well placed to support the latest technological solutions that are being considered by a large number of companies. Success in Digital Transformations is about so much more than the technical solution itself, as you need the leadership, the people and the processes as well.

Whether the transformation is large or small, I have extensive expertise: to replace the whole planning approach of the company, or to be able to run what-if scenarios, or to optimise logistics networks to meet the latest dynamics of customer demand and supply constraints, etc.. I have initiated and led multiple global transformation initiatives for large and complex businesses including a business of 90 Bn$ with over 300,000 employees, 450 factories.  I also have important experience of both the M&A and also the integration of a new and complex company into global operations.