Senior International
Supply Chain Leadership

6 countries, 3 continents, 35 years

Decades of experience transforming Supply Chains, as SVP Global Head of Supply Chain & Procurement, Global Head of Supply Chain, Executive Director Supply Chain & Procurement,
VP Supply Chain North America, European Head of Supply Chain, and now as an independent Executive Advisor & Consultant





Global Head of Supply Chain     (10 B$ business, 90 factories)

SVP Global Head of Supply Chain & Procurement
(8 B$ business, 2.4 B$ logistics spend, resp for 54% of NNS)

Nordic Supply Chain Director   (700 M$)

European Head of Supply Chain (17 factories in 11 countries, exporting to 120 countries)

VP Supply Chain North America
(2 B$, 4 complex businesses)

Executive Director Supply Chain Malaysia & Singapore                  (10 factories, major global exporter, high volume, high complexity) spend, resp for 54% of NNS)

SC Project Manager

Developing & implementing new planning processes and systems

Global SC KPIs

Logistics Cost Decision Support

Advanced Analytics 

Global Lead for Logistics Network Optimisation

(All above for Nestlé global business which is 90 B$, 450 factories, and over 350,000 employees)

Operational Research



Supply Chain Projects


Digital Transformation
Process Excellence

Decades of experience with Optimisation, Mathematical Modelling,

Decades of Advanced Analytics and Visualisations to drive improvements, using multiple systems#

PowerBI, LLamasoft SC guru,, Business Objects, SQL, API

Building and leveraging databases

Advanced used of Excel, MS Access, VBA

Developing and leading a global transformation program across a 90 B$ business

Global KPI and continuous improvement programs

Logistics Excellence Program

Transformation of Planning Systems and approach in multiple organisations and geographies 

Procurement transformation

Major organisation transformations (building Nordic organisation, European organisation, consolidating 4 North American businesses)

Implementation of Local, Regional, and Global organisations and processes

Supply Chain leader for a major (14 B$) acquisition and global integration

Leader for global Logistics Network Optimisation for logistics spend of 10 B$ and over 400 factories